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Removed the link cause I had to leave, I'll make a new one once I'm back
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Random Sorta Creepy Crap
Added mature warning cause I dunno it seemed like I should
I guess it's kinda macabre-esque? 
Sketched it a week or two ago and added a little splatter effect in muro so yeah
What is face anatomy
So, there currently is this group of awful misogynistic people trying to make rape legal. On February 6th, they're planning to have 'meetings' all over the world to attack and do who knows what else to women they see, please, please check this link and find your city to steer clear of these people, I really don't want anyone getting hurt!…
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So I do RPs on forums, yeah?
Well some of the characters on those are some of my dearest babies but I don't have time or motivation to draw them atm, so I'm gonna take out forum specifics and put most of them on here until I have time to draw them, and eventually all the bios will be off here and on their respective pictures, but until then, have some of my children! 
Also note that I'll be taking out things that are part of the forum plot, but all forums have different character sheets so there's that! 

Gay Tsundere Baby
Name: Nicole Hanson

Nickname: Nicki or Nic (Pronounced like Nick)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Preferred soul mate gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Occupation: Student

Appearance (can be a picture, but description is preferred): Nicole has long, straight, auburn hair with dark blue eyes and a small amount of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks, and has a somewhat thin build, not a skeleton, but not very curvy, ether, and is, in her opinion, rather short, standing at 5'3, and tending to lean towards darker colors in terms of clothing and makeup, which she uses lightly, and seems to prefer dresses and skirts to pants. Her skin is overall pretty pale, and she usually wears a simple, black, ribbon choker-necklace, and has no piercings or tattoos.

Personality (try to exaggerate as much as possible! We want to know what makes your CC tick): Nicole is an overall quiet person, but is very easily irritated, and usually has an annoyed look on her face, and might snap at someone randomly if she's just had an over all bad day, and if someone is much taller than her, which they usually are, she usually finds them somewhat intimidating, but doesn't show it. Despite her outward attitude typically being an angry one, if she gets to know someone and fully trusts them, she's secretly like a teddy bear at heart, being affectionate, friendly, and caring to those she's close to, although, she's embarrassed by this, so she makes an effort to only do it when she's along with that person. She also loves music boxes, and has a large collection of them, and will just listen to them when she's sad. Speaking of when she's sad, she makes a point, or at least tries to, only show sadness when she's alone, as she sees it as a sign of weakness.

History: Nicole grew up in a rather rich family in a neighborhood with a lot of other kids her age, but never really got to know or get close to any of them since her family moved so much, and has always thought of the ever present name on her wrist as something to cling to, as it supposedly promises something that won't change. At the moment, her parents are telling her they won't move for a while, but she doesn't really believe them.

Music taste: Leans more toward music boxes than regular songs.

Movies: Ender's Game, Spirited Away, and SuckerPunch

Favorite animal: Seal

Sports: None, she isn't very good at them

Other hobbies: Collecting things, sewing, and has a secret love for video games

Dislikes: Accidentally lashing out at people

Quiet Baby 

Name: Dakota Olson

Nickname: N/A (Might change)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Preferred soul mate gender: Any

Sexuality: Pansexual

Occupation: Student, part time video game voice actress

Appearance (can be a picture, but description is preferred): Dakota has short, messy blonde hair with dark purple tips with steel grey eyes. She has a somewhat short stature at 5'2 to 5'3, is fairly well endowed, and is almost always wearing a plain tan fedora. She typically dresses in a leggings and t-shirt combination, and if it's cold, usually has either an oversized sweater or sweatshirt over it, and mostly either wears sneakers or combat boots.

Personality (try to exaggerate as much as possible! We want to know what makes your CC tick): Dakota is somewhat quiet girl, not in the shy way, she's just not used to being talked to due to a fight that happened between her and a much taller person which she won easily, which made her classmates and pretty much all of the students in her school fear her, so she's not used to taking to anyone part from her parents. Even then. she can be very friendly, caring, and loyal due to not getting much attention other than from her parents, so, if she does get a friend, she'll cling to them and do anything for them.

History: Dakota lived a normal life with nothing abnormal, until middle school, at least, that's when the bullying started. First, it was tolerable, simple rumors, nothing more, but through middle school, it escalated, and in 8th grade, it got physical, a boy who was much taller than her decided to fight her, to which, she responded with defending herself, which, long story shirt, led to him almost having a broken arm. Since then, her classmates and almost everyone in her school have found her intimidating, and avoided her out of fear.

Music taste: Melanie Martinez, Avril Lavigne, and Antonia

Movies: Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and Eminem AKA

Dream: To be happy, simply that.

Favorite animal: Cat

Sports: None

Other hobbies: Reading, writing short stories, heavily into video games

Dislikes: Bullies, red sauce on pasta 

Outgoing Sharky Baby 
Name: Meredith

Nicknames: Mere (Pronounced like Mare), Sharky

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Poole

Age: 17

Race: Shark-Human-Thing

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual and Panromantic

Appearance: Meredith is rather average-ly curvy, but rather strong in frame, standing at about 5'7 and weighing 135 pounds. She has tanned skin, unruly, bright blonde hair and dark blue eyes. When out of the water, she has some rather... Odd qualities, like small fins where most people's ears would be and sharp, pointed teeth. Her appearance in the water, however, is a different story. She lacks legs, instead having a silvery shark tail and the infamous dorsal fin between her shoulder blades, along with gills on each side on her neck and side. Her clothing style is usually laid-back, usually just jeans or leggings with t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies when it gets too cold for her. When she turns into her more-shark form, though, she's typically either in a bikini top or just lacks clothing.

Personality: Meredith's personality is... Colorful, to say the least. She's very carefree, but can act kind of crazy sometimes. Almost all of her actions are without warning and highly excitable. The way her mind works, other than other things that some would compare to psychosis, Is similar to that of someone with ADHD, as she is usually very hyper and easily distracted. She's also very sassy, and has the mouth of a sailor (pun kinda intended), meaning she swears excessively, seeming almost as if it's a second nature to her. On the rare occasion that she's actually calm, it's usually due to sadness, which is also quite rare for her. When she is sad, she does what she can to hide it, and if she can't do that, then she makes and effort to get away from other people.

Powers: Extremely fast in water, Can breathe underwater and stand extreme water pressure. Also water manipulation. (Moving, making, and changing temperature of water, like freezing and boiling it)

Background: Meredith grew up in the Ocean, but was honestly really bored with life there, and went exploring a lot. One day, she just decided to up and leave because of how bored she was with life there, and is perfectly capable of going back if she wants to. 


Holly Poole, the others are still in the ~Ocean~

Girly, Maybe Possibly Evil Sharky Baby 

Name: Holly

Nicknames: N/A

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Poole

Age: 19

Race: Shark-Human-Thing

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Holly is a girl on the rather tall side, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches with long, curly, bright blonde hair that fades down to a soft pink color. Her hair comes down just past her mid-back, and her eyes dark blue. Like Meredith, she has fins where most normal human's ears would be, but hers are a little larger and are very light turquoise. Her skin is sort of tan, but mostly average-toned. Chest-wise, she's a bit smaller than most, along with being rather average in frame, weighing 137 pounds. The way she looks in the water is very similar to Meredith, but her tail and fin are light turquoise like her ear-fins.

Outfit: Holly's clothing style is pretty girly in general, with mainly light colors, along with a lot of skirts and such, though she will sometimes wear pants. What she wears is quite varied, but she usually goes appearance-before-comfort.

Personality: Holly, on the surface, seems like a typical, sweet good-girl, never-gets-into-trouble type, and with her rather girly appearance, it's not that hard to believe. Now, the keywords would be 'on the surface', and 'seems', since she can actually be quite mean, maybe flat-out cruel if she wants to be. She, of course, either hides this or doesn't use it on certain people so she can keep up her reputation and all. She's sort of rarely actually, genuinely nice, bur she does have her moments.

Powers: Hydrokinetic Regeneration - She can heal some injuries in the water, however, it takes a while, so it can't be used in combat. It also can't efficiently heal major injuries. Ice Weapons - She can form objects and weapons out of ice, which can be very sharp, but easy to break. Mist Illusions - Using the same properties of rainbows, Holly can make some hologram-like forms using mist and light. They can be rather convincing, but if you look hard enough, they usually look a bit off, and sometimes have a sort of rainbow tint.

Background: Holly grew up in a way rather similar to her little sister, Meredith, who she really never got along with. They got in fights all the time, sometimes physical ones. This went on really until Meredith left, but they had their moments of liking each other since they were family, of course. Either way, when her sister left, the Family barely got any contact from her for a few years, they all got sort of worried, so they decided to send Holly off to look for her and find her, make sure she was okay and all. Though, Holly herself had changed, and still had a little grudge on her sister, she was a little worried, too, so she accepted to find her.

Meredith Poole, the others are back in the Ocean

Ghosty Baby 

Name: Aradnia

Nicknames: Ni-Ni, Ara, Ari

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Goyuko

Age: 'Physically' and mostly mentally 17, Actually 29

Race: Ghost/Spirit

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic

Appearance: Aradnia has long, straight, light brown hair that is parted to one side. Here eyes are a dark green and her skin is rather pale with no freckles or blemishes, though if one looks very, very closely they might be able to tell that her face has a very slight blue tint. While just on the ground, she stands at around 5'5, and weight quite literally nothing when in her normal state. Her frame is sort of thin compared to most, but not anywhere skeletal. She usually keeps her hair down and her stance usually seems a little timid in nature. The most notable thing, though, is that she's mostly transparent.

Outfit: Her outfit consists of a white sundress that comes just above her knees and is a little torn up at the bottom. The straps are tied into small bows at the top, and the dress is a bit ruffled at the bust. She wears sheer black tights and opaque, black Mary Janes. When she ever puts her hair up, it's with a white, shiny ribbon that she usually has tied around her wrist.

Personality: Aradnia is the type of person who, if she wanted to, could sit for hours without saying a word, because she's used to being ignored. She doesn't really like bringing too much attention to herself, but if someone is willing to talk to her, she'll talk to them. If she does talk, though, it's usually stuttered and quiet, since her voice is naturally quite soft and a little bit higher pitched than most, she's also pretty shy. Her main enjoyment comes from reading or writing stories. When she actually finally opens up to someone, she's a lot more friendly and happy-seeming. Aradnia Also gets extremely scared around water, and might even go into a full-blown panic attack due to the way she died. In her rather rare sad moments, she'll either keep it in or cry, usually alone. She does have tears which, oddly, sometimes actually materialize, but sometimes don't. When she's mad, it's actually sort of hard to take it seriously due to her voice and how she acts unless she's completely serious.


Object Possession - One of Aradnia's powers is that she can possess and control a wide variety of objects

Invisibility - She can change her form of visibility, though she can't become fully 'there' even if she wants to. When she's not actively trying to take a certain form, she's about 40% visible.

Walking/Floating Through Walls - If she wants to, she can pass through most solid objects.

Background: Aradnia grew up in a very 'proper' environment, her family was sort of wealthy and had a good reputation that they wanted to uphold with nice, proper children. They wanted both of their daughters as the 'proper lady' archetype, which Luna was fine with and loved, but Aradnia just didn't enjoy. Of course, though, she was far too quiet to even try to say anything about it, so she just went along with it. Part of this was that neither of them really learned any sports or things that wouldn't fit how they were supposed to act. One day, her parents decided to take them all on a public cruise, which was quite nice, but again, they weren't taught sports, not even how to swim. So, at one point, she wasn't paying attention, the rails weren't high enough, and she ended up getting accidentally knocked off the side of the ship and promptly drowned.

Theme Song: Lights - Quiet, (More to be added!)


Mother: Anaïs Goyuko

Father: James Goyuko

Sisters: Luna Goyuko

Character sheets?
Explanation is at the top! 
Stole A Thing From  L4UGHY-S4PPHY

1: Do u sleep in ur bra: gOD NO OW
2: Do u like noodles: Yeah they're cool
3: Do u enjoy drama: Sometimes??
4: R u a girly girl: NO
5: Small or larger purses: Backpacks -FIGHT THE POWER- Jk 
6: Are u short: Like 5'4 and I don't wanna say my age but older than 10 and younger than 15
7: Do u like somebody: Yea
8: Do u care if ur socks r dirty: No fucks given
9: Do u like Halloween: Sure
10: Favorite time of the year: Winter. I hate heat XD
11: Where is the weirdest place u have slept: In a super small area under someone else's bed or a roof
12: Has anyone touched/smacked ur butt in the last 24 hours: I don't think so??
13: Is there any type of rumor going around about u: That I like this person from my school (Lol It's true) 
14: Do u call anybody by their last name: Yup
15: How many guys will read this just because it says "Girl Confessions": OVER 9000 (Or 8000)

Be Honest: 
1: What color is the bra ur wearing: Not wearing it anymore but it was black
2: Do u prefer light or dark haired guys: Both
3: R u currently frustrated with a boy: My brothers rrrrrrr
4: Do u have a best friend: YES She's not on dA Though
5: Have u ever had ur heart broken: Nah
6: Have u ever thought about having plastic surgery: NOPE
7: Do u like ur life: Yeah it's pretty cool
8: Have u ever jumped into the pool with ur clothes on: Like 2 weeks ago I think
9: Do u have more friends that r girls or boys: Boys
10: How long have u had a Facebook: Like a few weeks lmao
11: Have u ever slapped a boy in the face: Lots of times
12: What r ur biggest fears: Being alone also drowning
13: Have u ever cried urself to sleep: Sometimes?
14: Have u ever not been able to get someone off ur mind: For the past 3 mONTHS
15: Do u believe in the saying " once a cheater, always a cheater": Depends on the person 
16: Have u ever had a good feeling about something: Lots of things
17: Do u ever wish u were famous: Yeah
18: R u currently missing someone: My Dad and a few friends from FF (, some people just disappeared it sucked)
19: Who r u texting right now: My Mom, My Best Friend, Random Friends, Online Friends, Brothers, Basically Everyone

1: Eyeliner or mascara: Neither
2: Pink or black: Black 
3: Pumps or flats: Boots (Fight the power again) 
4: Skirts or pants: Pants
5: Socks or leggings: Leggings
6: Hoodies or jackets: Hoodies =w=
7: Heels or sneakers: Sneakers
8: Straight or curly hair: Idc
9: White or black: No preference
10: Smoothies or lattes: Smoothies!
11: Diet or regular sodas: I hate anything fizzy so neither
12: Water or daiquiris: Water
13: Pearls or diamonds: Pearls because they're salty
14: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen: Idc
15: iPod or cell phone: iPod
16: Friends or family: Don't make me pick that's cruel
17: Lip gloss or lip stick: Chapstick!
18: Manicure or pedicures: I don't really get either so idk??
19: Tank tops or bathers: Tank tops
20: Big sunglasses or small: If they protect my eyes I'll take 'em
21: Sunglasses or purses: Sunglasses

In a Guy or Girl:
1: Funny or serious: Both in proper situations 
2: Romantic or daredevil: See above
3: Dark eyes or light eyes: Mehhh
4: Long hair or short hair: ~No preference~
5: Curly hair or straight hair: ^^^
  • Listening to: It's a mystery
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Join if you want, Ignore it If you want, I was bored kthxbye
Removed the link cause I had to leave, I'll make a new one once I'm back
  • Listening to: It's a mystery
  • Reading: JOHN CENA
  • Watching: JOHN CENA
  • Playing: JOHN CENA
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